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Auto Sense CMOS 2D Scan Engine , QR PDF Embedded Barcode Scanning Engine

Auto Sense CMOS 2D Scan Engine , QR PDF Embedded Barcode Scanning Engine

  • High Light

    CMOS 2d scan engine


    auto 2d scan engine


    embedded barcode scanning engine

  • Barcode Type
    Recognition Engine
  • Ambient Light
  • Print Contrast Ration(Min)
  • Input Voltage
  • Color Availabe
  • Accuracy
  • Sealing Grade
  • Light Source
    617nm Red LED

Auto Sense CMOS 2D Scan Engine , QR PDF Embedded Barcode Scanning Engine

Product Description:

A hard decoding barcode recognition engine is a type of barcode scanner that uses a fixed set of rules to decode barcodes. It is not as accurate as a machine learning-based engine, but it is faster and more reliable.

Hard decoding barcode recognition engines are typically used in applications where speed and reliability are prioritized over accuracy, such as in manufacturing or retail. They are also commonly found in low-cost barcode scanners.

To decode a barcode, a hard decoding barcode recognition engine first converts the barcode image into a digital signal. Then, it uses a set of rules to identify the barcode type and decode the data. The rules are typically based on the barcode's width, height, and spacing.



When we looking for a scanning device, speed is usually the first thing that comes into consideration. We want our work to be done as fast as possible. Fortunately, this device provides us with extremely fast scanning speed, making it faster for us to finish our work.

Moreover, when it comes to performance, reliability is the most important factor. Thankfully, this device is able to guarantee a steady performance that is capable of meeting our needs and expectations.

Lastly, the price is always a critical element when it comes to choosing products. This device comes at a low cost, which allows us to save money and enjoy the convenience it provides.


Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Working Current 175mA Typical
Color Available Black/White
Light Source 617nm Red LED
Accuracy High
Barcode Type Recognition Engine
Print Contrast Ratio (Min) 25%
Image Capture 640x480 Global Shutter CMOS
Decoding Type Hard Decoding
Input Voltage 5VDC
Sealing Grade IP54
Features Work in harsh environments, high accuracy, wide range of barcode types


Hard decoding barcode recognition engine is the perfect choice for any environment where two-dimensional barcodes must be scanned quickly and accurately. Its 1.5m drop height provides excellent robustness and ensures that no matter the conditions, it can handle any application with ease. The 640x480 Global Shutter CMOS captures high-resolution images with no blurring or distortion, and its low power consumption of only 175mA Typical ensures a longer battery life for your device. It also offers a wide Field of View of 30VX48H, making it easier for you to capture images of barcodes from far away. With its high accuracy and fast scanning rate, the Hard decoding barcode recognition engine is your ideal solution for any barcode scanning need.



Hard Decoding Barcode Recognition Engine

Our Hard Decoding Barcode Recognition Engine is designed to work in harsh environments, and is capable of reading both one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes with high accuracy. With a field of view of 30VX48H, a 617nm red LED light source, and a 1.5m drop height, our engine is available in both black and white.

For applications requiring a reliable and accurate barcode scanning engine, our Hard Decoding Barcode Recognition Engine is the perfect solution.


Support and Services:

Hard Decoding Barcode Recognition Engine Technical Support and Services

We are proud to offer the highest level of technical support and services for the Hard Decoding Barcode Recognition Engine. Our team of experts is available to provide comprehensive assistance for any and all of your needs.

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