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Huashengtong (Wuxi) Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. 86--13921311664
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We focus on Handheld Barcode Scanner, PDA Barcode Scanner, Fixed Barcode Scanner, Desktop Barcode Scanner products and so on

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China Huashengtong (Wuxi) Imaging Technology Co., Ltd.

Huashengtong (Wuxi) Imaging Technology Co., Ltd.

Huashengtong(Wuxi) Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company specialized in the production of barcode scanners and POS terminals. Our products are renowned for their high quality and reliability, and they are widely used in medical, supermarket, logistics, storage, and cold chains, etc. Our barcode scanners deliver exceptional performance and accurate scanning capabilities, enabling quick reading of various types of barcodes. Meanwhile, our POS terminals integrate advanced payment and data management features, providing comprehensive solutions for businesses. Our team consists of experienced engineers and technical experts who can provide customized solutions and timely technical support and after-sales service. If your company is interested in our products or has any ...

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